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Jul. 24th, 2009

Oh Noes! RH bunny

Just an FYI....

Obviously, I don't post here much anymore - this is just active so that I can monitor/post in certain communities.

Thanks! :)

Sep. 11th, 2007

Rita - me

Making good use of that work time...

I'm starting to realize that making the decision to come to Hawaii might have been one of the best I've made in a really long time. I'm happy here, happier than I've been in Illinois for quite awhile and it's affecting other aspects of my life. I'm a better friend to those people I love back home...I can feel it...more supportive, less negative. It's a change for the better. And I feel good about myself, which never hurts. I have confidence in my ability at work and in my ability to make my own decisions. I don't know...it's hard to explain. I think I just needed to be knocked out of my comfort zone for awhile and really be on my own. I know now that I can do it...because, while Miranda is here, we aren't attached at the hip by any means. And of course I miss everyone back home like crazy, but I feel like this is letting me be a better friend to Christine then I ever was at home. I'm so confident that I won't destroy this friendship like I have through so many others. I'm genuinely happy she has Susan there to have fun with and I know when we're reunited it'll be better than it was before.

The point is: Hawaii was very good for Erica and her psyche. She's very happy and intends to stay this way. :)

Aug. 2nd, 2007

Rita - me

I am made of suck.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight, so for the..........NONE of you that read this, I never really update anymore anyway. I am made of suck, as the title suggests. Real life is just way too interesting to waste time documenting it in cyberspace anymore. Things are going fabulously on all fronts....the boy, the surgery, the up and coming internship. Everything, for once in my life, is great. I'm really happy right now and I've never been able to say that before. So it feels good. Hopefully things will stay like this awhile before they fall apart like they always do. ;)

And, for anyone who's curious....


Jun. 15th, 2007

Rita - me

Catching Up

Ok, so I haven't posted in awhile. I suck, I know, but you'll all live. I had surgery on the 31st and things are going really good so far. I've lost thirty-six pounds since my last pre-op appointment and (as of yesterday) twenty-three pounds since surgery itself. My clothes are slowly migrating down a size, which - as a girl - is the real indicator of shedding some pounds.

I sent my contract to HIFF today so that it can be signed and sent to my professional practice coordinator. Looks like I'll be flying out of Midway on August 16th and back into Midway on December 3rd. The rest of the time I'll be in Honolulu. I really can't wait...I think I made the perfect decision for me right now.

Things are not quite as happy-go-lucky as they were a few weeks ago. I'm trying to learn not to over-analyze things and just go with it. I always end up sabotaging things and making them worse than they need to be and I need to stop it. My emotions are all over the place anyway since surgery, though my surgeon's nurses warned me that it would happen. Apparently hormones are stored in fat, so when you lose it, they just float around and fuck with you. lol. I went postal the other night for about ten minutes with Amy and my mom and then I was fine. Looking back, it was kind of amusing.

May. 30th, 2007

Rita - me


My sister graduated today....

And holy crap....


That is all.

May. 18th, 2007

Rita - me

(no subject)

So...I'm done with college. Like....officially. It's the weirdest thing to know that, this fall, I won't be buying books or miscellaneous school supplies, that I won't be heading back to the BloNo and seeing those familiar KNR faces. I don't think it's quite hit me yet. Maybe once August rolls around it will. Who knows? I might be too busy to notice then, too.

For those of you who still read this and don't know, I accepted an internship in Oahu. So this fall, I'll be moving to Hawaii for a few months to work with the Hawaiian International Film Festival. Miranda was offered and accepted the same internship, so we're going to live together there. The rent prices are all astronomical, so that should help with that. We've both accepted Special Event internships and we get to help plan three events. One is the award ceremony, the other is a governor's ball thing and I can't remember our third option. Miranda contacted one of the past interns who said that they worked with Samuel L. Jackson. So that's exciting.

Christine's summer school starts next week. Booo classes. She'll do fine, though, I know that much. In spite of what she might think about herself sometimes, she's an extremely smart girl. She's considering moving home at the end of June so her mother can help her with her new diet and so she can save some money and maybe get more hours at the Champaign PacSun. I'll support her in whatever she chooses, but I really want her to stay. I can admit that. I want to spend all the time that I can with her before I leave and then she leaves to intern and life shoots us to opposite sides of the country. She's doing so good on her diet already, I want to tell her she doesn't need her mom, that she can do it on her own. I can only imagine how proud of herself she'll be if she hits her goal weight, looks even better and knows that she did it on her own. She's already down a pound. I'm so happy for her!

My liquid diet started yesterday. It focuses on three protein shakes a day (Carnation instant breakfast mixed with skim milk), lots of water, a little fruit and steamed veggies. I'm hungry, but not starving, and I know that's natural. My stomach is shrinking, after all. My liver is being slimmed apparently, which is good to avoid unnecessary bleeding and injuries during surgery. It's less than two weeks now and I'm so excited. Christine asked me tonight if I'm nervous, but I'm really not yet. I told her I don't think I will be until the moment the nurse is prepping me for surgery. It's the start of a new life...and that's kind of overwhelming, but in the best way. I have nothing but support from friends and family and that helps so much. Plus, my doctor and his team at the hospital have been amazing so far.

Writing about my surgery is so odd when I think about how I have "friends" who know nothing about the huge change that I'm about to make. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm tired of making all the effort. As much as it sucks to cut someone out of your life sometimes, how much effort is one person supposed to make, really? How many times can someone make you realize YOU aren't worth their effort, but someone else is. I'm just so tired of it.

Gregg was supposed to come this weekend. Shit happened and he couldn't. I am destined to be single forever. *sigh*

Time for bed!

Apr. 30th, 2007

Love - _crow_chick_

Oh, school, you silly bitch

So sometimes in school I actually find things to be interesting. *gasp* I know, right? My SOC 240: Building Communities class has proven particularly interesting, in spite of all the mind numbing busy work that we've been subjected to. Basically, we write a 2-3 page paper a week on our reading assignments. Today was comparing two chapters of our textbook which featured information about isolated neighborhoods (ie: gated communities) to an article entitled 'Cyberhood vs. Neighborhood.' In the second article, I found a quote which struck me instantly seeing as some of the people closest to me I have met, lost and stayed in contact with over the net. Some of the most difficult times of my life have been coped with via e-mails, IMs and random messages of love.

"Those strangers, who had no arms to put around my shoulders, no eyes to weep with mine, nevertheless saw me through. As neighbors do."

Not everyone is a stranger anymore, but they were at one point. I found it fitting, given just how close I have been and currently am to some people that I have met on the net.

But now I have to finish said paper. LOL. School's almost done. WOO!

Apr. 23rd, 2007

so_severus - Robin Hood


School is almost done....for EVER. Which is frighteningly exciting. The impending real world-ness terrifies me, but I think I'm equally as excited to get out on my own.

The boy is still making me very happy, which is extremely new for me. I have no idea where this is going, but I hope it's somewhere good. :)

Just a brief update for any of you still out there.

Apr. 2nd, 2007

Rita - me


The boy.
Color me smitten. :)

Also, yay Spring. The windows in our apartment are finally open again. Plus, school is drawing to a close. Yuss! I need to get my internship shit together...grr...

Mar. 27th, 2007

Rita - me


Who's a smitten kitten?


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