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_crossmyheartx3's Journal

Heather Ashley
24 May
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About Me

Hey I'm Heather. I'll be in 16 in may. I'm short. I'm a cheerleader. I'm on East Elite large seniors (3x national champs) & on my highschool varsity squad, who by the way were 2x state champs this year, and New England Champs. I'm 1/2 french and 1/4 irish. Not sure about the other 1/4. I love food. Pizza & french fries are my favorite. I eat too much icecream, and I put ranch dressing on pretty much everything. I'm addicted to root beer and dr. pepper. I laugh at the stupidest jokes. I always have energy & I love having a good time. I can't stand bad teeth or dirty fingernails. My friends are amazing & I couldn't survive without them. RED SOX & PATRIOTS <3. My favorite color is blue. This is my 5th year snowboarding. I'm pretty good, except I freak out going off jumps and basically kill myself. I'm obsessed with Hollister clothing. I hate feet. Don't start an argument with me, because I will most likely win. I wish it was summer. I can't go anywhere without my ipod. I love to laugh. I have 3 best friends, who make me who I am. AIM = heathafeatha1624 ♥

Friends Only

My journal is friends only. Comment on the friends only post, and I will more than likely add you. Just make sure you will comment.

My Graphics

All the graphics I make were made on a paint program called Paint Shop Pro 8. All animations I make are made on Animation Shop 3. All the graphics on this journal were made by me, and for only me. If I feel like giving my graphics away, I will post them either on one of the graphics communities I post at, or on my graphics journal, dazzling__x3. DO NOT STEAL ANY OF MY GRAPHICS! Do not ask me for any codes for your layout, because I won't give them to you, unless your one of my friends.

All my brushes and moodthemes are posted only on dazzling__x3. Please go join if you would like to use one of my brush sets, or one of my moodthemes. Everything that has to do with my graphics is or will be posted at dazzling__x3. So if you have any questions about my graphics, go there and ask.

Communities I Post at

Join my graphics community, flavor_graphics <3

Check out riot_designs, an awesome community where I take requests!


Credit: lisa0810 for my jessica and ashley simpson mood themes, girlfromsouth for my britney mood theme, and here for my Xtina mood theme.