tanya (_cropcircle) wrote,

Adobe InDesign Released for iPad, iPhone, and iOS

Adobe’s Senior Product co-Manager for InDesign, Kiyo Toma, “We’re very excited with the easy-to-remember gestures we came up with to replace keyboard shortcuts (since there is no keyboard). For example, two fingers in a clockwise circle now opens the Pages panel, dragging three fingers in a backward L-shape jumps to the first spread. To right-click, firmly grasp the upper left corner of the device with one hand while keeping your thumb pressed on the page object, and then use your other hand to gently stroke under the lower right corner of the device until the contextual menu unfurls like an orchid in bloom.”

etc. http://indesignsecrets.com/adobe-indesign-released-for-ipad-iphone-and-ios.php
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