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14 September
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♥ Name ♥

Rory (NOTE: Some of you may know me by my former name. I have to go by an different name now that people from my school are flocking to LiveJournal by the hundreds. Well, okay, by a substantial number, at least.)

♥ Age ♥

I'm a high-schooler, so you're probably thinking around 15-18, but for all anybody knows, I could be a 30-year-old repeated-flunkee. Hah, didn't take that into consideration, did you?

♥ Location ♥

Citysville, North American continent, Earth (or Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, whichever you like)

♥ What I Find T00by ♥

I'm a geek, the kind you might find at science fairs, sans suspenders, loafers, and a tie. I'm one of those people who enjoy math contests, who can sit through a science lecture and not get bored. Now, if I could just persuade my parents to get me that telescope ...

I'm also a hockey junkie. (It doesn't hurt the Canucks are one of the best, if not the best at times, in the Western Conference. *smirk*) If you ever attend a game at GM place, I'll be one of the people with the big foam-pointers.

Last but not least, I am an avid fan of both the Harry Potter and the Star Wars fandom. (And I mean avid. Don't get me started on those topics.) I usually beta read for my fellow fandom writers, but have also been known to write fanfiction of my own from time to time.

I am a mondo slash fiend, and am not adverse to slashing just about any character who happens to be caught in the roving spotlight that is my fancy. If you slash Remus/Severus (a.k.a. Snupin) and are currently in need of a beta reader, please step into my lair. We have business to discuss.

♥ Friends Policy ♥

I don't bite. Really! In fact, I even go so far as to friend back 99% of all those who flist me, so for goodness's sakes, you don't have to ask me if you can friend me!

If you have been, in turn, flisted by me, you are by no means expected to friend me back. I love adding people to my flist, random or otherwise, as I find that everyone's journals pique my interest in one way or another.

Oh, and I promise not to stalk you.


Liebe, love, and adieu.

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