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Today was fun. I went to the beach with sue and jenn. then went to romanos for her birthday. then james brought me and jenn to chris'. jenn and i were told we look HOT! HELL YRAH! Then we went to bayville beach. it was fun we went swimming in the bay at like 10pm it was so cold! then we went to marios. then to rickys? i got dirty looks and rude comments from girls GRRR. Everyone said Jenn and I look like we could be cousins, or even sisters. She is now known as "BOGUS SARA" to james' friends. then i came home passed out for 30 min. Then james came by and we cuddled <3. PICTURES WILL BE UP TOMORROW... but really today which means its the 5th... which means HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRETT LOVE YOU!!!


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