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James got home from Florida late tuesday night, and he came over yesterday. He bought me presants :) YAY!

For those of you who know mine and james' relationship you get why he bought me a winnie the POOh bear.
and as for the lollipop, he knows those are my favorite.
hes the best

last night was nicoles last night. she left for bramuda this morning :( im gonna miss her! Sam, Brett, Tony, Anthony, Lauren, Tanya, George, Pat, Kai, Jenn, and James were all there.
look at the losers! i wonder if their gay sometimes?

Then after nicoles, james jenn and I went to meet Sara Kim and Marissa at the "strip". They were with Colin and Paul. Two boys who can never keep their buisness in their pants!

(they're so far away from each other, because as colin said "theres no way im getting closer to paul while im peeing")


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