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So yesterday i had a game. we lost. but we all played really well. and we all had a lot of fun. Then I went to the dance. I didnt get homecoming queen... it was funny. Then james and i went to marios. then came to my house. we watched tv:) we cuddled. Then i woke up at 720 this morning. Went to drivers ed. rachels in my car YAY! then i went to my game. we won. went to the lunch in. then james and i hung out. then i came home slept for hours. margaret and i went to marios. i came home james came over for a little while before he left for the train. then i went to georges. then pat margaret sam anthony and george came over. we watched fast 2 furious. then carrie and rach;e came by. brett and sam stopped by. sean stopped by. then everyone slowly left. now im here on the phone with romano trying to figure out if someone who is IMing me is really who they say they are. its interesting. im going to bed now goodnight and sorry for boring you.

RIP Uncle Frank<3

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