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Its cool obnoxious when you tell someone you are going to call them in a little while and they say "in 20 min" and you say "ok". So you call them in 20 min and they dont pick up their cellphone. so you call their dorm, and their not there. You later find out that they FORGOT that you were supposed to call and left the room and watched a movie with their friends... SO COOL! Thanks :)

  • Writer's Block: Independence Day

    usually at my cousins house. or drunk somewhere. this year i was wasted by 12pm. ate a lot of food. and played a lot of gta4. yay america.

  • weekend.

    yesterday i had work from 8-5. then i came home and relaxed a little. meghan and i went to dinner with her parents cousin aunt and uncle. then we…

  • ugh


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