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I woke up this morning still feeling like shit. I cleaned my room. Went to the beach with Sue. I was in a bad mood. I needed to get away. The tunnel was flooded but only up to our shins. The water kept coming up. It got our sheet wet. We went on the bay side. This time the water in the tunnel was up to our knees. Then 30-45 minutes later some guy comes over to his family and says "The tunnel is flooded the water is this high" and points at his chest. So Sue and i went back. The water was so high you had to swim through the tunnle. We walked over the parkway thingie onto the beach. There was about 20 feet of beach left. Kids were jumping off the top of the tunnel into the water. It was awesome. I took pictures. Then sue and i walked through the 2 inch water to where there was a little dry spot. Sue was standing in the water... a wave came... it wasnt big... but yet so strong that when it hit sue... she toppled over it. SO FUNNY! Then i came home and showered. Our school has a booster club for the sports teams now? Well my aunt and uncle had the booster club party tonight. Coaches and Parents were there. Megan and I worked. It was fun... i got to make fun of Romanos dad. I also talked to some other parents... coughkisstheirassescough. It was worth it i got to eat good food and make money. My feet and knees were killing me though :(!

Highlights of the night:
1. I got to meet the new football coach... yeah hes hot!
2. I got to eat good food.
3. I got to watch all the parents get drunk.
4. I made money!

ps- if someone says they know what poison ivy looks like THEY DONT!

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