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So the 1st day of school wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be. Not having a 1st period makes it go a lot faster. Tomorrow i have no 1st, 7th and 8th period... i cant wait! I hardly saw anyone in the hall ways. Margaret came up behind me and gave me a hug... i totally forgot that she was coming to our school this year HAHA. Tomorrow is DashBoard, Brand New, MXPX... and Vendetta Red? does anyone know if theyre playing? I get to leave practice early YAY. Guys i was wrong the train from Syosset is at 520... is that ok with everyone let me know? Also theres 6 of us from OB going so i was thinking Sue Margaret Nicole and I in one car... and Carrie Sveta and Ali in there other??? cause you guys all live near each other... and that splits us in the cars 4 and 3? Jenn im assuming youll meet us at Syosset? That kid... i dont know about him so Jenn talk to him and yeah... i dont know. If theres a problem let me know! Im going to be SO rushed tomorrow! Sr. assembly tomorrow... cant wait.

Reasons my school is annoying:
1. They dont know ANYTHING about drivers ed yet.
2. You have to have a pass to leave the class... and it has to be in your agenda? that will last a week!
3. Sr. lockers are NOWHERE near any classrooms!

Things i didnt do today that i have to do tomorrow:
1. Go to OBIEs about a job.
2. Maybe go to South Street about a job.

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