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Well my last day of summer went as follows:

I woke up. Went with Romano to the rich peoples house to take care of the dog for the last time... until they go away again:). then we came back here and hung out for a little while. James came by. We cuddled, faught about insignificant. Basically he would say something, and i would pretend to be mad. it was amusing. Then i just sat around, and painted m toe nails red, blah blah blah. i was going to go to the movies but i decided i really dont have the money so i hung out with sveta and sue instead. Sveta came over and we had my brother drive us to Taby's where Sue was. My brother was listening to The Used in the car. i was singing it was funny. Then we went into taby's and sat with sues parents, i love them! Then Sveta Sue and I came back here. We played dress up in my clothes. I dressed up as Avril Lavigne... i felt so fucking ugly. Then Ryan came by to pick up his Dvd's, Zoolander and Drumline. Then we started High Fedlity AGAIN! I finished it this time though... its very funny. Sue left and once again did not get to see the end... then sveta left. Now im here telling you about my last day of summer. Jon called me today, i was very surprised. it was nice to get to talk to him. The question is still going as to who susan might be.

Top 5 moments this summer:
1.Going into the city and getting caught in the rain
2.The bus ride to warped tour
3.The black out or '03
4.Making stuffed shells at 4am at Tanyas house
5."her nose is running and she doesnt want to blow it" - Kai

...more top 5's to come

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