September 14th, 2008



yesterday i had work from 8-5.
then i came home and relaxed a little.
meghan and i went to dinner with her parents cousin aunt and uncle.
then we went to franks and hung out with like an hour.
and went home.
i passed out around 130.
it was great.

today i woke up not too long ago.
now im going to meet kristen at starbucks and discuss some business things.
then im gonna try to FORCE ali to come to the craft fair with me just to see what they have.
and maybe well walk.

tomorrow i have work.
and i dont think there is anything good on tv now that date my ex is over.
ali and i will walk im sure.
and hopefully ill get her present by tomorrow eeek.

tuesday i have off.
no idea what im gonna do all day.

wednesday i have work.
then im sure ali and i will walk and watch project runway.

thursday i have off.
and then tabathas salon take over.

friday i have work.
and the memorial for tony.

saturday i have work and then i have no idea.

what an exciting week.