August 24th, 2008



so i had a long weird day.
woke up early and came home(yeah i didnt sleep home last night).
went with my mom and meghan to get pedicures which were freaking 25 dollars a pop.
ok im sorry but there is no reason to pay some fucking asain person 25 dollars to pretty much just paint my toenails.
i can do it myself for free!
i almost wanted to be like "can you take the polish off i dont want it anymore".
then we went to celebrity diner for breakfast... even though i got a wrap and fries.
after meghan dropped us off at our house.
my mom and i came inside for a minute and went back out.
we dropped reggie off to get his hair cut and went to a photo place in amityville.
so the camera that my school MADE us buy for 3500 dollars is basically worth shit now.
and they said no one will probably give me that much for it.
so i hate my school!
then we went to borders and walked around for a little.
then we stopped at marcellas because she was having a garage sale!
she gave me a little glass boot mug.
yeah thats right im totally going to drink out of it alllll the time.
beer fest what what!!
then marcellas stupid asain neighbor drove right into the back of my moms car.
my moms car didnt have too much damage but the other girls car was fucked up.
(sorry for all the asain hate)
then we came home and i looked up cameras that i want to buy.
i think i found one yayy.
then we went and got reggie and they shave him!!!
he looks so funny i love it.
now im home being lazy.
interesting day i thought.
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