August 22nd, 2008


long island.

ok so i was never one of those people to complain about long island and the people sucking or whatever.
but this is getting out of hand.
its like the 6 degrees of me.
i dont like it one bit.
everyone knows someone who i know.
or their friend used to be friends with one of my friends.
or they know my brother.
or whatever.
i need to get off this island asap.
im gonna try to get a second job so i can save up some more money and maybe get the hell out of here.
san diego anyone?
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Writer's Block: Music and Moods

How do different types of music relate to your moods?

i dont know if it is necessarily the music that changes my mood.
or if its my mood that makes me want to listen to certain types of music.
if im in a bad mood im not going to want to listen to happy fun loud music.
ill listen to something more mellow.
or if im in a happy hyper mood there is no way im going to want to listen to death cab.
ya know?
but there are times where if im listening to something mellow and quiet it might make me feel more tired or calm.
or if im upset if i listen to a fun dancy song it may lift my spirits a bit.