December 28th, 2003


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Last night Pat George Nate Sue and I have a sleep over at Pats, after we went ice skating. It was fun. We watched Matrix Reloaded. Then today Sue Paul Sveta John and I went to Boys Night Out at the Down Town. It was fun. I saw lots of people. Then after we went to taco bell... let me tell you this diet im on isnt working out so well. Then Tony came over. He did my make-up... it was scary. Sveta left. Tony drew on my hand(pictures tomorrow). Then we drove around in circles... i got sick haha. Then Tony left cause hes too cool to hang out in Oyster Bay. After that Sue and I went to Kims. There were not TOO many people there. It was something to do though. Sara Nicole Sue Lauren Cara(sara and nicoles friend)and i left to drive around and drop off Cara, at her amazingly nice house. Then we droped off Sue. Then back to Kims we went. James stopped by for point 2 seconds. I hung out some more. Then Sara was kind enough to drop me off at home. I called Meghan, we had our cousinly bonding time(play date on monday). And now im here typing away about my pointless/boring life. You can tell im very bored... i hope haha. Im waiting for James to call. Tomorrow im going to help Sveta with some lines and what not. Then possibly hang out with James. goodnight.

ps- i learned how to knit. if anyone wants a skarf... let me know HAHA!♥
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