December 25th, 2003


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Stole this from carrie... cause she told me to HAHA

most useful gift:
one month tanning salon gift certif. ill be black when im done WOO!
strangest gift:
I was actually surprised that i didnt get any strange gifts... usually my uncles on my dads side get me the fucking weirdest shit!
"so-not-me" gift:
Nothing yet... haha
"so me" gift:
The black hat, skarf,leg and arm warmers, zip up, button down, socks and skirt... yeah haha
"i get this every year" gift:
I havent gotten it yet, but i know my moms friend is going to get me an old nazy gift certif.
most thoughtful gift:
My mom got me a necklace thats 3 black strings and hanging from them is a silver beed type thingie... cant explain it sorry.
most unexpected gift:
The trip to Aruba my uncle JOKINGLY told me i got. psh so mean!
to be returned/exchanged asap gift:
I dont have to return anything... i was with my mom when she bought it HAHA.
the very expected gift:
Money from my dad and step mom... but hey... you cant go wrong with money.

i must say this christmas was the best. the only thing i DIDNT get was a digital camera... but theres always my birthday and graduation! i just have to wait 6 months... but its worth it :)


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