December 24th, 2003


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Today i cleaned. big surprise.
Then James came over. My mom let me take the car to get chinese food.
Then Sue came over. We were bored so we took pictures of ourselves. they are really funny i will post them tomorrow along with lots of other pictures.
Then Pat Anthony George and Nate came by. The 6 of us went to see Krisy.
Then Nate was in a bad mood so we went to the beach to sit in the car and listen to good music. Anthony let me drive the car around the parking lot haha... Fran may finger print... you never know.
Then we came back to my house, and Paul John, Matt, Matts girlfriend, Matt, Nicole, Kosta, George and my brother joined us and we watched 8 crazy nights.
Then i go up in my room, say goodbye to sue, and sit at the computer. Matt comes in and says "wanna come to the diner with us". So i went.
I found Johns BrandNew hat in the back of my brothers car. he said i can keep it for the rest of vacation. But i dont plan on giving it back HAH!
Matt and Kosta ate SO FUCKING MUCH! i wanted to throw up just from watching them.
It was lots of fun and im glad i went with them.
We shall do it again.

ps- you all better be excited for pictures tomorrow.
theyre funny!
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