November 27th, 2003


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I actually have something to write about YAY!
well today was Georges birthday, he is now 18... weird. Olivia came over and cut my brothers looks good. I took pictures. So when i figure out whats going on with Snapfish... i will post them. Kim Marissa Margaret Cate George Nate Anthony Sean and Pat came over. We all watched the OC tonight. It was VERY good. I cant wait to see who Seth picks next week. I pierced Anthony's ears. Then Joelle came over. We all left. Joelle Pat Anthony Nate Sean and I went to dunkin donuts. The we went to the gay parking lot. All the boys were FLIPPING. Joelle put on a hat and tried to look like a guy... but it didnt work. So we left and dropped off the boys. Then Joelle and I met up with the twins. Hung out in the Blueberries parking lot then drove around then went back. Joelle let me drive her car :). And now im home.
Thanks giving is tomorrow! I am so excited. It is my favorite holiday. The food is SO SO good!!!!! AHHH cant wait! Im going to pats house. it should be fun.


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