November 23rd, 2003


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Stole this from Bocci.

* current clothing: St. Doms volleyball sweat pants, Long Beach Island T-shirt, Track Jacket.
* current mood: sore
* current taste: Orbit gum.
* current annoyance: College Essays
* current smell: Hugo Boss
* current thing you ought to be doing: writing a college essay
* current jewelry: watch, industrial(bar), hand cuff key on a string as a necklace.
* current book: schiendlers list.
* current refreshment: none
* current worry: getting into college
* current crush: i have a boyfirned<3
* current favorite celebrity: Ally Hilfiger.. hahaha
* current longing: thanksgiving dinner!!
* current music: none
* current wish: to have lots of money!
* current undergarments: black CK bra, blue vitoria's secret underwear.
* current regret: not getting a job... i need money!
* current desktop picture: Coheed and Cambria dragon fly thingie.
* current plans for tonight: write college essay, talk to james, go to bed early.
* current cuss word du jour, more like phrase: what a weird question!
* current amusement: vinny
* current IM/person you're talking to: vinny
* current love: James
* current obsession: those snow boot thingies. or as tony would say "the ugh boots"
* current avoidance: tomorrow... i dont want to go to school!
* current thing or things on your wall: a poster that reads "Thursday & Starting Line tickets sold out" drawings and pictures that friends have taken or made for me, a story that tanya and i wrote, an article on the volleyball team, and an email that sara sent me from her brothers email pretending to be him wanting me.
* current favorite book: Lovely Bones, A child called it, perks of being a wallflower.
* current favorite movie: Hackers.

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