November 17th, 2003


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So im in school right now. and i am bored. blah blah blah. after school im going home and doing NOTHING YAY! i have to take pictures actually... nevermind haha. romano is coming over later. we are going to work on my essay and she has to talk to my mom about something... i dont know why though. 2 people said my eyes look sexy today. i got blue contacts. ill post pictures later. theyre REALLY blue. ive started my christmas list... here it goes.

Black leg warmers.
Black are warmers.
Black coach wallet.
New thursday cd.
New coheed cd.. cause i lost the one sue bought me :(.
Lip piercing... not that you can really buy that for someone.
Some new clothes.
J.Crew cable sweater.
Ice Age DVD.. te he.
The Hot Chick DVD.

thats all i can think of right now.

bell is going to ring.
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