October 16th, 2003


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I took these for photo. There not the actual prints so their kinda crappy.



Sue and Jenn:



Enjoy, critisize... do whatever.
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?My brother says i look like Davey Havock in my new icon... thanks anthony... i look like a guy!
-I lost my Coheed Cd today :(
+Anthony said he would make me a copy of his Thursday cd.
+Nate loved the scarf i got him.
+I dont have drivers ed on saturday morning.
+Oyster fest is going to totally kick ass this year. there are SO MANY rides!
-Im still sick, i came home early from school.
+If you saw the entry before this you already know but Lauren fot into Scared Heart.
♥I cant wait to see James.
?Im going to RI next weekend... im excited/nervous.

i repeat myself so much in entries... sorry my life is boring :(
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oh man the game is crazy.
joelle just called me from it and i couldnt hear anything.
it was all screams.
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