October 13th, 2003


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Today I cleaned my room WOOHOO! hahaha. Then i went to Anthonys to see them practice for the talent show. it was good. Their doing "stacey's mom" NO! Sveta and I went to the mall. I bought Sue a shirt, Nate a skarf, and myself the blind side cd cause i lost the one i had... stupid me.
Tonight was weird and interesting. Sue Sveta Tanya Keri and I went to Nicoles. The "9++" were there haha. Tony and Sam stopped by. We sat in the corner. It was fun. Then we came to my house and sat outside amd talked. Then Sam and Tony left.
Now Sue Sveta and I are going to bed.
Were waking up in the morning and making birthday breakfast. mmmm.


editand lets not forget the OLD FART


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So this morning Sue and Sveta woke up first and were talking to i just got up. I made Sue waffles. They were yummy. They Sveta left. Then Sue and I hung out. We listened to music and went on the computer. You know the usual. Then Sue left. I just sat around watched TV ate... you know i was being my lazy self. Then i showered and got ready for my brothers show at the down town. They did good. I like the new songs a lot. I will post picutres whenever i get the chance. Then George Pat Sean and I sat outside of 711 and ate cookies and donuts and chips. It was funny. Then we all came home. Pats sleeping over tonight cause his parents went to Bermuda without him... (they needed to get away so they could do the nasty.) MUAH HA HA!

I think im getting sick. Im sleepy and my neck/throat hurt.

sue nicole and chaz aka: the old fart. hope you had a good birthday.

i miss james...♥

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