October 11th, 2003


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Ok then. I would like to say that I agree with Sue. We did this to you... and if my memory serves me correctly you didnt speak to me for a week. Yeah thats right. Then you made me waste about 40 dollars in text messages, because youre stubborn and ungreatful. Yeah thats right i said it... once again. And no my opinion has not changed. You still are. You have no changed at all. And once again if my memory serves me correctly you said you would. OH WAIT NOPE! Yeah i didnt think you would change. As Sue told me the story of what happend, I laughed to myself as i said... i knew something like this would happen. You can fight all you want and argue all you want but you are in no way right in this situation. And if you TRY to say you dont have money. THATS a JOKE! Youve gone into the city for the past 3 or 4 weeks. And you and I both know all you have to do is ask daddy and hell shell out the money. "YACK YACK YACK GET A JOB" Dont try to get people to feel bad for you. Cause youre probably just feeding them lies.

thankyou and haveaniceday

Since both Jenn and Sue dissallowed comments on their journals their using mine to continue the fight. So if youre wondering what happend next... its in the comments... enjoy:)
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