October 8th, 2003


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Lets see what went on today. Economics was so funny. Mr Brown picks on Joelle so much. Anthony and I are starting a band. We're going to call ourselves "the black polka dots". Like the white stripes haha. Hes going to sing and play guitar and im going to play drums. We're only going to wear black and pink. For halloween Anthony and I are going to be the white strips so everyone WATCH OUT! hahaha. Mrs. Northcote yelled at Lauren and I today cause the window was open and we were cold so we closed it. she said "this is my house my room i need the window open". We laughed. If i ace my math test today that means ive gotten OVER 100 on each one so far this quarter. MAN IM SMART! I SCORED A TOUCHDOWN IN GYM! We tied 3 to 3. We lost our game today. I didnt play. Jen and i are confused... we both used to play. Now we dont... at all. The team made 7 service errors in 1 game so coach said tomorrow we have to do 7 suicides. i said "but i didnt even play" he said "youre a part of this team arent you" i wanted to say "well i DONT play so really im NOT!". I HATE HIM! When i got home my Uncle Ralph was at my house... he lives in Fl, and i havent seen him in 6 years.

My college essay question is: What makes you different from the other applicants?
Suggestions i have gotten: "I am Sara. The end."
"I am Sara DiMaggio, and you are not"
"... i am, Sara DiMaggio, you'd like to know what makes me different huh? well i'll be different by not answering your question... HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES FUCKERS!!"

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