October 6th, 2003


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Woke up at 930. Cleaned for my mom. Went to the mall with Lauren. I got sneakers, shoes, 2 shirts, a skirt, volleyball socks, and a track jacket. Ill post pictures soon! Then I went to Georges. Hung out with him and Pat. They told me that with the way i eat i should be the size of Pats dad. It was funny. Then we went to Margarets. Hung out with her and Sam. Then to my house. Watched some more movies. George had a hissy fit and left... but he really did it on purpose to go hang out with a girl... WACK! Everyone left... i passed out at 1130.
PS- Sam and Pat are cute ♥
Woke up at 630. Went to Hartford with my mom Sara and her mom. We got lost. The directions that the website gives are VERY WRONG! We ended up in the ghetto of Hartford. We got to the school and didnt like it. Saras mom asked a student where the library was. Sara and i Look up so see Bob McAlpine. SO FUNNY! Then we went to Quinnapiac. So nice. So expensive. So preppy. Then we went to Sacred Heart. We saw Albert. Meghan gave us a tour of the school. Then we came home. Sara and I fought on the way home. She dug her nails into me. I bit her. MUAH HA HA. I got home and now im at Pats house. Hes working out in the basement with George. Thats about it.

♥I miss James♥
I miss Sue too
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