October 1st, 2003


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I havent posted pictures in a long time. so i figured i would.
These pictures are from 2 weeks ago.
After the 1st football game of the season, Jen, Katie, Romano, Marissa and I drove around...
Jen and Katie

Me and Jen... damn wind messed up my hur hahahaha!

Jen took pictures of herself while i laid with my feet up in Romanos car. I was in pain... Marissa closed my hand in the car door!


Me, Jen, Katie

Jens Hat... shes "gangsta"

I went into the city one day with Megan and Arite so visit James.
There was this weird guy by James dorm... oh man it was freaky!

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Ok so i have more pictures.
sorry :)

The car accident:

For all you basket ball players... does this guy look familar? he was the JV coach 2 years ago... and he was VERY drunk on the train at 2am

As for last night... HALL DECORATING... oh and WE WON!! SENIORS KICK ASS!

Sara and Joelle

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