September 20th, 2003


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V-ball game today. we lost. we played ok. i got to play :), but not that much. Last night marissa shut the car door on my hand. its still a little swollen, but oh well. Im going into the city with Artie and Megan. Its gonna be fun. James is sleeping over tonight :) :cheers:!

IM SO BORING i have nothing else to say.
I took pictures last night... and im going to take pictures today/tonight. SO EVERYONE BE READY!

thank you and have a nice day
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Hi, im at NYU, in James' dorm. Im having fun. We got lost, and got into a little car accident... and OF COURSE the passanger seat belt in Arties car does not work... so i went flying. im ok though. thats 2 car related accidents in 2 days... YAY! My hand still hurts a little from yesterday :( I have a scratch on my arm from today. Were going to little italy to go to a fair. Im meeting up with Jenn for a little while. Its gonna be funn! Ok i must go now... BYE ALL!
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