September 18th, 2003



Ok ive been really lazy when it comes to updating. i dont know im never in the mood... cause if you couldnt tell from what i have writen ive been in bad moods a lot. Ive also been "lagging" on comments... as jenn would say. Sorry between school, volleyball, eating, and sleeping, i barely have time to sit down at the computer. Ok so what has been going on that i could interest you people with... OH NOTHING ok. hahaha jk. Colin is leaving for florida next week. im going to miss him A LOT! I think id miss him more then id miss my brother(sorry ant). I may go into the city this weekend. im going to oneanta next weekend... and the city... Joelle and I wrote a poem and i gave it to james... its really funny. sara romano said "its porn on paper" HAHAHAHAHA! still considering quiting volleyball. blahhhhhh!

Top 5 Colin memories:
1. Missing the Thursday show at NCC picking up jenn and driving around all night while tapnig roadkill :)
2. Making up the word Chablaz
4. Getting into a snow ball fight with 2 10-yearolds :)
5. Being woken up at 10am by a drunken colin who just came from the hospital
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