September 6th, 2003


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I havent updated in a couple of days. Lets see what have i been doing with myslef. Thursday I went to school, then to volleyball, left early came home showered, and left for Syosset Train Station. Sveta, Carrie, Nicole, Ali, Jenn, Sue, Margaret and I were on our way to the Dashboard/ Brand New/ MXPX show. There were lots of people there that we knew. Brand New was good... nothing special. MXPX were fun. i havent seen them in 3 years. We danced around like retards and sang really loud... i enjoyed it. Then Dashboard... we again danced around like retards... some more then others(Jenn and Sveta). We left in the middle of their set though. We went back to Penn and took the 1042 home. We had more company this time... though sue got mad at me :) I LOVE YOU SUEEEEE!
Friday I went to school blahblahblah. We had our 1st scrimage agains Bellmore. We won 2 and lost 2? im not sure hahahaha. I plays ok i guess. 1st game is always a little rough for everyone. Then i went to Pats house for his BIRFDAYYY. I got sick though. and now i have a cold or something. it sucks a lot.
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