September 2nd, 2003


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does anyone know what time volleyball is tomorrow??
i hope its not early... cause theres no way im gonna be up.. oh well :)
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I was woken up at 1130 this morning by my brother and Colin fighting.
Colin: What are we doing now? Can we eat?
Colin: Im coming to sleep in your bed!
Anthony: NO YOUR NOT!
Colin: FINE!
So Colin came into bed with me. He explained to me how he was rushed to the hospital at 430am because he drank a bottle of Absolute Citron and a bottle of Taquilla with one other person, and he was peeing, slipped and hit his head on the sink. They gave him scrubs to wear home because the back of his shirt was covered in blood... GOOD JOB COLIN! Then i got up and he passed out. Sveta came over and brought Glasha. I got paid 40 bucks for dog sitting... THATS HORSE SHIT i usually get so much more! OH WELL. I went to volleyball practice. We did the fucking "m" drill for 30 min... no point in that. We also did the Courtland drill... holy shit thats tiring! I have a scrimadge on friday against Bellmore. Anyone go to Bellmore? Do you know if the Volleyball team is any good?? Homecomming is Oct. 4th. We play East Rockaway that day. I hope we win!

Things i have to do tomorrow:
1. Find out about drivers ed.
2. Go to OBIES about a job.

Top 5 Summer Songs:
1. Further Seems Forever - How to start a fire
2. Fall Out Boy - Grand Theft Autumn
3. System of a Down - Sugar
4. R.E.M. - Its the end of the world as we know it.
5. Solar Twins - Rock the Casbah

Lets see if this years notebook can beat last years:

...perfect example of how i did NOTHING last year in school :)
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