August 30th, 2003


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i hate the way you make me feel
i hate that i cry
i hate that you dont care that i cry
i hate that your far away
i hate when you dont call me
i hate when someone smells like you
i hate that i cant see you everyday like i have the past 3 months
i hate this feeling in my stomack
i hate not knowing whats going to happen in the future
i hate that you make me feel like im nothing
i hate not knowing what your doing
i hate not being able to hug you
i hate not being able to kiss you
i hate thinking that you dont miss kissing or hugging me
i hate that if i dont keep myself occupied all the time all i think about is you
i hate feeling like im not good enough for you
i hate that i think you wish i was someone else
i hate that i cant be totally happy unless im with you

i love being able to call you mine
i love hearing your voice
i love when you kiss me
i love when you hug me
i love the way you smell
i love when you blow me kisses over the phone
i love cuddling with you
i love that we can just rent a movie and stay in all night and have the best time
i love when you brought me flowers
i love the stiffed animals you bought me
i love that i can kick your ass in mario-cart on 64
i love how i cant stop smilling when im with you
i love that all your friends dont mind when you bring me places
i love the stories you tell me about your friends
i love when you tell me im beautiful
i love when you say im the only one for you
i love you
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Ok everyone BEWEAR of the boy on the left!

I found some old pictures... enjoy:
Dad and Mom

From left to right. Uncle Chris, Dad, Uncle Steve.

This is my favorite picture, its my dad.

My dads room was black... weird!

2 people i dont know Dad and mom

Mom at graduation

My dad at graduation

My dad didnt like to eat...

Hey does anyone recognize the 2nd man in from the right??

My brother and I had fun with the scanner :)

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