August 24th, 2003


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I know you all likes my last entry... HA!
Yesterday: James came over, we hung out. Then went to Marios. Ate like the fucking FAT ASSES we are. Then went down to the beach... walked around. It was cute :). Then Sue came over. Chris called said "im sorry i have to work". I was mad! i could have hung out with james! then he called back. He said "ok im coming, i need directions". Ok so Sue and I are a little BAD at the hole direction giving thing. But i fixed it. Chris made it here alive. We went to the studio. Sue and I sat outside with Dan and Danny(Dan has an amazing voice). It was fun. Then we left, and went to the diner. I love the hole text messaging deal when the person is sitting 2 feet away from you! Then Sue and I came home. I faught with James. IM SORRY I LOVE YOU! Then we went to bed.
Today: We woke up. Sue left. James came over. We cuddled, i cried, we hugged, and kissed goodbye. James left for school... i know what youre all thinking "he goes to NYU", but its hard to go from seeing someone EVERYDAY to every other weekend... or whenever. I really did not think i was going to be that upset when he left. anyway... Sue and I went to her country club. we sat by the pool, ate, text messaged people, and swam. I got good color :). Then we came here while sues parents went to Tabby's. Sveta came over. Then we went to Sues. We watched Almost Famous and painted our nails/toenails. Then we left.
Tomorrow: First day of volleyball. Its supposed to be a LOT of running. For those of you playing... get ready... cause if you were a FAT LAZY SHIT like me all summer... tomorrow is NOT going to be fun!

PS- Anyone who i got Brand New/Dashboard tickets for... i need the money by THURSDAY! its 20 bucks... so try to get it to me ASAP! i MAY have an extra ticket... if anyone wants to go on the 4th?? LET ME KNOW!
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