August 23rd, 2003


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today i woke up at 815 got dressed and went to the HS for my volleyball meeting. basically i just handed in my papers. i asked what time practice was next week. i said "9 to when?" and Amesti(my coach) answered with "till whenever its over" i was like "WOAH". Then he said "next week is going to be all running". oh man im done for! so tonight started off a little rough but i guess it got better.sveta came to my house we were going to walk to james' house but he has our friend andrea pick us up. we went there hung out they drank and played power hour. we listened to music. someone dropped a bottle on the floor. i cleaned it up. the vacumn wasnt working. it was funny. then we decided where we were going to go next. tim dropped sveta and i off at my friend kims house. we hung out there. lots of poeple were there. joelle kim marissa sara katie derrik megan meghan jayme greg dustin and some other people. i called colin to see what he was doing he picked up and said "what do you want" and i said "what do i want? your an asshole" and i hung up. he can be a dick sometimes. then we went on the hammock(if thats how you spell it) then i realize "shit its 1220" so me and sveta started to walk. we didnt want to cause we dont live in the same direction. and then my mom called and said "oh i just got home ill pick you up so you dont have to walk alone" so she picked us up and drove sveta home(i love when my mom is ACTUALLY being nice). then i came home. then james stopped by. we watched some tv. cuddled... you know how i do. and now im here telling you about my boring night.

NIGHTT everyone
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Last night when i was at James', Sue called. So i went outside to talk to her. I got a misquito bite on my hand. It was VERY itchy. I woke up this morning, and now my hand is swollen. DAMN BUGS!

Oh yeah this is weird!:
My LiveJournal Sitcom
book and cookie (CBS, 10:30): _crash_and_burn (Keenen Ivory Wayans) auditions for a movie starring opposite xconvectuosox (Rene Russo). Then, brandnewtheory (Keifer Sutherland) gets pridefilledeyes (Renee Zellweger) drunk. At the same time, noiseanddkisses (Kirstie Alley) draws a picture on sammygal (Catherine Bell)'s forehead. That weekend, whatamunky (Sarah Michelle Gellar) likes television sets, but erykaaah (Scott Bakula) thinks they're disgusting. That same day, brand_new_dream (Keenen Ivory Wayans) finds a condom in mrsniffles (Harrison Ford)'s sock drawer. Crazy results follow.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

My brother is played by Harrison Ford... THATS FUNNY!
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hii how
lalala falala
blahhhh im bored
can you tell?

my head hurts sue loves brendan <input ... >sues annoyed</input>
  • we have nothing to do
  • sues nails are red flahhh
    <option ... >cock</option>

    chris is short

    dylan is tall
    howdy <select ... >sue smells</select> vagina boob nipples im testing all the different fonts if you didnt realize that yet
    <td>dove</td> <th>polka dots</th> <tr>making out</tr> thanks
      oh my
    im doneee
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