August 15th, 2003


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Black Out 2003.

ok so yesterday i woke up and everthing was normal. then the lights started to flicker. of course i was at my computer, all of a sudden it turned off. then on. then off. then on. then off. all the power in my house was out. i pick up the phone and call Nicole her power was out also. My cell phone wasnt working... not that it usually works haha. Then I find out all of New York is out. So i just lay on my bed, try not to move around to much and get home, read alittle, take a nap. James came over. Megan and Meghan came over, cause Meghans shower doesnt work. Then my brother comes home with Nicole and Matt. My mom comes home from work and says "i was on the phone with AT&T about your new cellphone and the power went" guess i have to wait a little longer. Then James says "my mom just called Carvel is giving away free ice cream". So in a mad rush we go to Carvel. I get a cake. James gets chocolate and vinilla flying saucers. Nicole gets a cake. Matt gets a cake. I didnt even see my brother in the MOB. John was down there he had a huge cake and some other things. CARVEL GOT ROBBED what idiots. I came home Meghan Megan and myself got spoons and had some yummy cake. then we put it in the freezer. Then Sveta and Nicole came over. by this time it was dark. Candles were everywhere. We sat downstairs with the radio and candles and thought of something to do. James came by again. We decided to go for a ride, because some houses started to get power. We figured we could go to the beach and see some houses light up, but we got bored. We came home I HAD POWER. I tried to get them to play Monopoly but they wouldnt. Sveta James and I played Balderdash. Sveta won. James sucks at that game. Then we got hungry went to the ATM in OB it didnt work. Went to Syosset... no power. Westbury... no power. Drop off Nicole. Come back home make some microwaved food. James leaves. Sveta and I watch Fern Gully, my favorite quote "humans don't feel, their numb from the brain down!". then go upstairs... Im on the computer once again... the power goes AGAIN. We have to wake up my mom at 2am to help find a lighter. Meghan comes back. We sit in my room and talk. Then go Downstairs and sleep. The power came back on around 4 or so.

Wake up this morning go to the beach with James and Sveta. All of oyster bay was there. Tanya, Kacee, Sandra, Michala, Katiana, Dana, Amanda, Jayme, Caitlin, Sean, Olivia Pia and Nate. Come home. Eat. Go to Nicoles with Sveta. Then the pool to visit Brett and Sam. Go to Nicoles. Eat some food. Come home. Clean, and now im here.

I have pictures but ill put them up later... so its all at once(im just too lazy).
hope you enjoyed my story. KBYEEE
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