July 29th, 2003



Yesterday i went to the beach with meghan. it was ok, we played chuck, fuck, and marry. we talked to colin paul john and steve for a little while. we saw deblasi, and say with her for a little while before we left... i love that girl<3! we went to friendys after. then i came home showerd, and went to meghans for dinner. After i came home and james came over. we watched Xmen 2. Huge Jackmen is so fucking HOT! it was a good movie!

Today Tanya Olivia and I picked up Rory and Fransisco from the train and went to the beach. It was funny! Olivia Fransisco and I went in the water. it was SO FUCKING COLD! i got more tan... YIPPIE! then we got food, hung out, got more food, tanned, got more food. Then we went in the water again, Rory came in also this time... not tanya shes a baby. Olivia and I kept feeling things in the water... i think we were just scaring ourselves. I got a scratch on my hip from the sand... im dumb... dont ask. now im home, cold, and needing a shower. KBYE

you are sweat

Blood, Sweat, and Tears
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these things are weird...
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