July 28th, 2003



Here are some pictures from LBI! I dont have many cause I was lazy, but enjoy!
Sveta(aka:Sweater) was doing her hair one night... look how funny!

Sveta and I got all dolled up one night and took pictures(we were a little bored)

These two are mt favorites:

ME AND JENN or should I say me and my twin/sister/cousin... whatever.

Sveta learned to skate board...

We met Chris and some of his friends the girst night hes a local so he never wore shoes. he was out of his mind!
CRAZY Chris, Sveta and Jenn.

We met Ryan and Chris the 3rd night? We noticed them cause Ryan was wearing a Coheed and Cambria zip up!
Ryan Skate boarding

Me, Chris, Jenn.

One night while in the arcade, Shea came up to us. He said we looked like we would be fun to hangout with. He was with 3 friends. Jon, Colin and Sam. We hung out with them also.
Colin and Sveta.

Sveta and Shea.

On the last night we MET Dan though we NOTICED him the 1st night. it was kinda weird, cause he NOTICED us the 1st night also.
Ryan, Sveta, Dan.

hope you enjoy!
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I got back from LBI on friday, just so i can go to the Coheed and Cambria show. It was gooood! i had a lot of fun! here are some pictures!
Jon being drunk and not letting me take a NORMAL picture:)

My Chemical Romance(a little blurry, sorry)

Claudio(Co&Ca) and his HUGE HAIR... i love it!

Jenns face... poor jenn... love you!

Jon being drunk while watching Co&Ca.

ok that was my night... :)
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YAY last set of pictures

Yesterday(saturday) James and I went to Toms house. We went swiming, and played some bball.
James got mad cause i spilt his iced tea on the floor.

The boys tanned

Tom playing with ice.

Tom being Tom

I got bored and took pictures of myself... cause James and Tom were just sitting there tanning.... WHAT GIRLS!

(jenn does that picture look familiar??)

later that night, James and I went to "calvin" to drink with people.


jamestim(after funnel)

After "calvin" We all went to Jeffs party. i had to take a picture of nick and joelle cause i love them :)

After that James Tom Tanya Keri and I hung out at my house.
James and Me

Tanya and Keri... "using" my phone.

Tanya giving drunken hugs.

My brothers cool band sticker on his car.

Tanya and Tom being DRUNK!

wow long day!
it took me a long time to make the last 3 entries, so you better all appriciate these!
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