July 18th, 2003


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Arielle told me this joke, i almost peed myself:
A man walks into a bar, and goes up to the bar tender. The bar tender says "what can i get you?" and the man says "anything but what you gave me last night, cause i got sick, went home, and blew chunks" and the bar tender said "well that couldn't have been from what i gave you, you could have eaten something bad or had a stomach virus" and the men says "no you don't understand, Chunks, is my dog..."

Ok so today, i packed cleaned stuff around the house and stuff like that. I went to BOB(or as the cool kids call it JEFF). Sneak Preview, SGR, and 3MW played. it was fun. I got to see Ali(yayyy). I also say Colin and Steve. So many people were there. After Arielle and I went to her house to drop off the car, and came back to my house. We rented The Pianist(saddest movie ever WOW!). James stopped by for a little while. I had an interesting convo with Jon. He may have a hernia? He got mad cause he found out Jenn and I lied about me breaking my arm te he he. sowwy Jon! Arielle is sleeping over, even though she had to wake up at 830(sucks) for work. ok i'm gonna go eat something, and then go to bed. NIGHT ALL.

ps- LBI saturday...<3 cant wait.

...we'll be right back, after this short break...
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"her nose is running and she doesn't want to blow it" - Kai

Ok so Jenn, Sveta, and I leave tomorrow, which means I will most likely not get another post up till next week. I will miss you all oh so much! Its going to be so much fun. Jenn and Sveta are sleeping over tonight :). Then we leave at 6am tomorrow morning! I CANT WAIT!

Hopefully it will beat the week i spent there last year: sniffing advil, smoking spider webs, drinking on the beach, meeting boys :D, nicole getting a tattoo, our trips to Murphys Market, "i need a loof", watching scrambled porn(i must say i was NOT involved in that), and staying up till 7am.

If you need, you can call my cell. But please after 9(my moms freaking about the miutes).
I BETTER get calls from everyone!


...many pictures when i return...

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