July 14th, 2003


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ok im way behind on pictures here... oh mean when i put them up its gonna be like "WOAH"
ive had a rough couple of days... but thanks everyone for being there for me. I LOVE YOU ALL!
heres a couple pictures for yall
friday night at st. roccos... me and vinnie

Saturday at the beach... jacob(top left) james(top right) vinnie (bottom)

Last night at my house we drank... vinnie

(sorry about the color of the last picture... my cameras fucked up.

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sorry about the masive amounts of pictures.
Thursday night i went to St. Roccos. It was boring ::tumbs down:: Keri and I looked all tough though in our gangsta outfits

My brothers new tattoo... its pointless but cool. For those of you who had a deprived childhood its the boy from "where the wild things are" which is a book. k BYE

Friday night i went to Sandras house, with James Vinnie, and Jacob. We drank and then went to St Roccos. SVETA CAME HOME FROM RUSSIA!

The next day after waiting for 2 hours James Vinnie, Jacob and I went to the beach. We stayed till 630? who does that?! Vinnie and Jacob brought their skin boards and Vinnie cracked his in half... SUCKS!

That night my mom was out... soo PARTY WOOP! I GOT SUE TO DRINK! she was very proud cause she finished her 1st before me.

Beer pong anyone?!

Vinnie and Jacob were on one team.

Paul and Steve stopped by for a round.

Sunday Sue and I went to her country club, we noticed i had sun spots :(
Then I went to St roccos ALONE and met everyone there.
Sneak Preview played.Anthony broke a string during the 1st song. GOOD JOB!

Brett fixing the string that ANTHONY broke.

Look at how cute Brett looks

Linda fighting with Christina

The zipper on Nates pants was broken, so it looked like his fly was open. "XYZ"

its been an interesting couple of days. hope you enjoyed the pictures.

...stay tuned...
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