July 12th, 2003


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St rockos blows this year! i have pictures but im gonna put them all up at once. cause im too lazy to do it every time i take a picture. i drank tonihgt... didnt get drunk though BOOO. i had some rum and coke and everclear and hawian punch. it was yummy. Jenn had some NASTY vodka with a teaspoon of sprite hahaha. whatever man! she said "cat and pie" instead of Pat and Kai! and i thought antolope was a fruit. hahaha were fucking dumb what can i say. my mom was being a bitch tonight, and i dont feel like getting into that. everything else kinda sucked. I got a dollar from my brother. he was in the casino tent and i said "hey can i have a dollar" he asked "for what" i made up something stupid then he handed me a dollar and said "GET A JOB" hahahaha too funny. im tired though. so NIGHT
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