July 11th, 2003


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i have really been in the mood to post
and i havent really had anything to post about.
life is boring :tear:
my cell phone bill was 300 bucks
my mom was a little mad HA HA HA
last night was funny, Sara Kim Joelle Marissa Margaret Lauren James and I went to Bolder Creek... james was the only guy AH HA!
Then we all went to St. Roccos(or as sue would say St. Cockos)
It was kinda boring. I stole Pat L's hat though... MUAH HA HA!
Then James Sara Margaret Kim Marissa and I drove around.
Some guy kept calling Marissa, he knew EXACTLY what kim looked like, but no one else. He said i wear green thongs... NOT TRUE!
It was kinda weird.
the night was ok... hopefully the weekend will be better... HOPEFULLY
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