July 9th, 2003


ice coffee is not a good thing to drink at 1130 at night... nope not at all!

I went to saras yesterday. it was FUN! We playing sims. I killed Brian by mistake in her house. She was cooking something and it started a fire. Brian being the nice boy that he is tried to extinguish it, but it got out of hand. The fire spread. Brian burned to death. The Grim reaper came. It was cool. I couldnt stop laughing. Sara sat with her mouth wide open saying in a sad voice "YOU KILLED BRIAN!". I love computer games!
I came home and helped my brother put stuff in the attic for my mom. Yeah i have a brother, i forgot about him. Anyway... then i showerd and went to the mall with sue. I got 3 new shirts.

Yay for cheap clothes, gotta love H&M!! WOOP. WHICH ONE DO YOU LIKE THE BEST??? LET ME KNOW!!!!!
I also got two bathing suit bottoms... i go topless DUH. No im kidding, i have this thing with mix and matching bathingsuits... cause im weird like that. I also got a black bag, its nothing special... i just need a new one cause...well... my other one turned BROWN in the sun.
I got a little scissor happy today and cut my PTH Shirt(like i cut all my clothes te he he, its a bad habit). Tanya called me 80s girl.

Then Sue and I hung out with George Anthony Pat and Kai. I have pictures of Kai dancing in my room, and trying to be all "ghetto"... gotta love Kai. The pictures will be up tomorrow.
Today i cleaned. i gotta get money somehow. Then Tanya came over, then Jenn. Then Sara Lauren and Margaret. Jenn was in a poopy mood so she stayed here and everyone else went to Stop and Shop then D'n'D. Then we went down to the school and saw Nick Ryan and Steve. Then Kim and Marissa came. Damn a lot of people... anyway... We hung out there, then went home. Nothing too exciting. Now im home, and very hyper from my ice coffee. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO
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Kai looking tough pretending to be in the "nasty 9"


Kai dancing to music... hes such a dork.

So many people in my tiny room

there pictures are from 2 nights ago... enjoy!
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