July 2nd, 2003


ganked from elisa


name = sara
piercings = 11. 6 in my right ear 4 in my left. and my belly button.
tattoos = i want i want
height = 5'1
shoe size = 6(i have baby feet)
hair color = black.
length = long.
siblings = Anthony-20 Johnny-6.


movie you rented = 25th hour.
movie you bought = i dont really by movies.
song you listened to = Total eclipse of the heart.
cd you bought = glass jaw- everything you ever wanted to know about silence.
cd you listened to = a mix of 80s and 90s songs that jenn made!
person you've called = my mommy.
person that's called you = nicole.
tv show you've watched = jack ass.
person you were thinking of = james cause he was home from Fl and didnt call me:(


you have a bf or gf = no :(
you have a crush on someone = hahah someONE?
you wish you could live somewhere else = i kinda like OB right now.
you think about suicide = every now and then.
others find you attractive = eh no.
you want more piercings = um i think im good for now.
you drink = i havent in a day or two... im a little over due HAHA
you smoke = yeah.
you like cleaning = fuck no.
you like roller coasters = NOO.
you write in cursive or print = print.
you carry a donor card = um no.

for or against…

long distance relationships = for.
using someone = against... well it depends HAHAHAA
killing people = against!!!
teenage smoking = do what you want... for.
premarital sex = for... those stupid sex com. piss me off. if you wait till your married you wont get herpes... HELLO no matter when you have sex you can still get stds DUH!
gay/lesbian relationship = for!
soap operas = for... theyre so bad theyre great


food = um all food AHH mmm foooood.
song = oh wow i dont even know ahhhh.
thing to talk about = memories.
drink = WATER.
clothes = zip-up hoodies, jeans, t-shirts, BIRKENSTOCKS, sandles.
movies = Fight club, my father the hero, billy madison so mannnny.
band/singer = coheed, thrusday.
new nerdy saying = "dude" "killer" "brah" "killer putnam" "thats awesome".

have you…

ever cried over a guy/girl = yup.
ever lied to someone = im human arent i?.
ever been in a fist fight = yeah with my brother I KICKED HIS ASS.
ever been arrested = nooooo


of times i have been in love? once.
of times i have had my heart broken? twice, by the same person.
of hearts i have broken? = none i dont think.
of girls i have kissed? = none for like REALLY kissing but otherwise probably like 4 or 5 i guess.
of boys i have kissed? = atleast one a day HA imagine.
of girls i've slept with? = all my friends.
of boys i've slept with? = one <3.
of people i would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = 5 or 6
of people i consider my enemies? = none really maybe 1.
of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = 0
of scars on my body? = 10?
of things in my past that i regret? = hmm not too many. but one or two BIG things


disney movie = mary popins or willy wonka.
scent = vinilla.
curse word = ALL OF THEM!!!!!!
nickname = D, mag.
guy name = dade, chase.
girl name = madison.
eye color = green.
color = black.
flower = vagina.... thats a flower
piercing = lip OH BABY.
actress = mary-kate and ashley DUH.

do you think you are…

pretty = no not really.
hot = nooooooo.
friendly = to some people.
amusing = if im funny arent i amusing?
ugly = uh yeah.
lovable = te he yeah.
pessimistic = yea very.
optimistic = sometimes.
caring = for some people i care, others can kiss my asssss.
sweet = hahahaha kinda.
dorky = sometimes

spell your first name backwards = aras(?)
the story behind your user name = HACKERS BABY crash override and acid burn...CRASH AND BURN.
are you straight = yes i am.
where do you live = oyster bay.
four words that sum you up = slut bitch whore tramp- i asked jenn to give me four words that sum me up... ait she so nice

describe your…

wallet = jean.
hairbrush = the way i like my men, big and black.
toothbrush = purple.
jewelry worn daily = watch, 3 rings, 3 necklaces, bracelt, 6 eraings.
style = whatever i like and feel like wearing
room = black and beige wooo.
blanket = black.
coffee cup = paper from D'n'D.
sunglasses = THE FUCKING AMAZING ONES I GOT AT THE 99 cent store in NYC.
shoes = reefs or birks HELL YEAH
handbag = black messanger that turned kinda brown from the sun, i need a new one.
favorite top = my long beach island sweat shirt.
what are you wearing now? = long beach island sweat shirt wife beater and shorts.
hair = black and long.
make up = just eyes usually eye liner and eye shadow.

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Yesterday, i went to go get a pedicure with meghan.

Then we went and got some good food at Bonanza. It was all free too, cause Dustin was working, and hes nice like that :)
Then i went home and Jenn came over. Tanya Jenn and I went to Pats house to hangout with him and Kai. We went in the pool and such.
Look at the beautiful sunset.

"driving in your car, miss the stop sign fall inlove"

Sisters? Cousins? Twins?

We got a little dirty and needed a shower

We hung out on the dock. it was kinda scary and dark, but cool. We want to camp out there one night.


Tanya and I have "jest" as we would call it.

GO TANYA! shes fucking strong

ME:"Do you think i could fly away like a helocopter if i spin fast enough?" PAT,TANYA,JENN:"NO!" KAI(who was inside when i asked):"Hey try to spin really fast and fly like a helocopter"... im glad im not the only retard!
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