June 30th, 2003


Free Style

Last night at tanyas, jenn, tanya and I were sitting in the hall way. Jenn decided she was going to free style for us. i took picutres, it was very funny. Then i made jenn write me a new free style to go with the pictures... ENJOY!
yo my name is jenn and i just want to say
my feestylin skills will surely blow you away
i did it last night and ill do it again
ill make these mad rhymes before you can count to 10
i got a pair of sandals that i wear to the beach
and a rasberry snapple within my reach
i've got a bra and its small and white
i should get another cause this ones gettin tight
you know you like my beats
i know you cant resist
but excuse me for a moment while i go take a piss
i'm gettin pretty tan cause i go to the beach
i like to eat fruits and id really like a peach
i love to rhyme, but i'm getting a little tired
if i retire now i really hope i dont get fired
i did this all for you, it took a lot from me
baby i rhyme strictly and only for sara D
ya heaaaaaaaard

more pictures will be up soon...
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ok here we go with more pictures

It was a warm Friday night, in the town of Oyster Bay. Tanya's parents were in Miami, and us children, were at Tanya's drinking. It all started off with Kai. Kai is a nice young boy who wanted to get durnk, and have a little fun. He took one shot and another and another, until he reached aroun 14 or 15.

Then Kai got a little hot, so he went outside to take a breather.

Then Kai got even more hot.

We brought Kai into the backyard. He did a drunkin "throttle rock"

Then he had to pee, after that his pants just did not come back up. Kai lied on Tanyas grass with his pants down, no shirt on, and one sandle.

Then, like the nice cousin he is, Pat sat with Kai, making sure he didnt hurt himself.

"the drug deal" - While Nate was making sure Kai didnt fall on his face and choke on his throw-up, he is on the phone tyring to buy "stuff" from someone. George imaptiently waits on the side.(you cant really see nate all that well, sorry i cant help that hahaha)

Anthony drinking a beer?... no hes holding it for nate, DUH!

Eventually, Kai threw-up, Jenn was his "nurse" she put his clothes back on, and took care of him. And Kai just layed on the grass, Nicole joined him, and Kai lived hahaha.

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...more pictures

Ok so i put pictures from Friday night and some from last night. but what about saturday? and what about the rest of last night? well here you go. and you all better be thankful, cause this took me forever to put all these damn pictures up!
Saturday was meghans graduation party. It was fun. My brother had to leave early cause he has a show in Chester. but look... hes wearing a Tomorrow's Rescue t-shirt. HELL YEAH!

After Meghans i went to Kacee's, there were a lot of people there. but i didnt take any pictures. Then sunday, Me Tanya Jenn Sue Pat and Kai went to the beach. Chris met us there. It sucked so we left, dropped Sue off cause she had a Sweet 16, and we went to Pats. We went in the pool, and ate. It was fun! Then we went home showerd and went to tanyas AGAIN!
Jenn in her Sponge Bob shirt<3

Brett was playing with this cool blue light thingie it was cooool

Jenn and Anthony, how cuteeee(anthony looks like one of those 30 year olds, who still trys to be 22.)

I took my shoes off, and look how they landed on the flood... SO COOL!(im such a loser)

Tanya and Nate were fighting on the front lawn, it was very funny. Tanya got her ass KICKED!

sorry about the amount of pictures, this wont be an everyday thing.
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