June 23rd, 2003


Dude, yall better check this out brah!

today was actually amazing. i went to graduation, which was kinda sad. CLASS OF 2003 ILL MISS ALL OF YOU! then i went to the PTH show at the bunnery inn. it was amazing. i found all the hot guys and pointed them out to sue and nicole. we took a picture of who we later found out to be Kyle. we went to Rite Aid with Brett and bought sick amounts of food. the guys from Tomorrows Rescue and With Rescue Breathing had no money and said they hadn't eaten so we gave them some grub. We talked to Kyle and Chad from wrb and Chase from tr. they were very funny. we got Chads number but too bad their from Detroit, and Chase is from texas... kinda sucks. Kyle is so hot. OH MY GOD. when they all left to go get food they asked us to go with them, but Shot Gun Rally was going on, so we couldn't miss them. Chad told us to call him. so we did. we told them to come to OB and hangout with us. they couldnt though :( but they said they would call us tomorrow :) WOOOHOOOO! then sue texted them and said that Chad and Kyle were beautiful. they replied with "you guys are pretty well off yourselves :wink: :wink:". it was amazing! kyle wanted to nuzzel nicole! then we came home. Pat, Kai, Albert, Andy, Andrew, and Jesse came over. LOVE THE OUT OF STATE PEOPLE! Tanya, Brett, Sam, Ryan and Randi stopped by for a little while also. Sue, Nicole, and I all have black hair so were weird, but we don't, so only i'm weird. Were punk. Were making the Florida boys "like us". this should be amusing! city on wednesday? with the florida and Massachusetts boys? the summer is amazing already, and i still have one test left. oh boy!

The out of towners:
Kai and Jesse

Pat Kai and Jesse

Andy Pat and Kai

Albert and Andy
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oh my kyle is beautiful

aww me and ted<3

Sue and Chase from Tomorrows Rescue. i think chase thought sue was HOT!

Chase and Kyle... they need some ladies in their life, what do you think?

my . . . picture

Teds . . . picture

Sue trying to "nuzzle" nicole while she was sleeping

the "out of towners"