June 22nd, 2003


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today was a long day. i went shopping with my mom. i got glass jaw- everything you ever wanted to know about silence, sneakers(which i have to go back and exchange cause the assholes at footlocker gave me 1 71/2 and 1 7), and sandals. then albert(my cousin from Mass.) came YAY! he brought his friend. i dyed my hair black, again... i had to fix the tips and such. my brother came over we fought about stuff HA. i made him a copy of worship and tribute. then pat came over and brought kai(his cousin from Fl.) and kais 2 friends. i was the ONLY girl. then jenn came over. it was very funny. then tanya came. then nicole. then arielle. one of kais friends took a shit in my bathroom. and it smelt SO bad. so arielle and i decided to go pee outside in the bushes. we brought some toilet paper. i fell in a hole. then meghan megan and dustin stopped by. then vinny and pete. vinny is a huge asshole and i dont like him at all anymore! then ryan and steve came. holy good god my house was filled with people! then we kinda watched american history x, but ryan and steve had to leave, so we fast foward to the end. nicole left it here. shhh. and now im writing in this. and my tummy hurts, and my lip cause jenn hit me with her camera and gave me a fat lip. AND IM SOOOOO ITCHY! damn sun burn, im all pealing and shit! im going to bed... gooodnight
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