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So last night i went to bed at 1215. and i made my away message "maybe sleeping, call and find out" so colin called me. but i was not aware of this till now. I woke up and had an IM from him saying "i found out" so i asked him and he said he had called. not remembering that he called i had to ask what was said.

dim the lightss: o what did we talk about
Tripp368: it went
Tripp368: Colin: hey sara
Tripp368: Sara: hello (in scratchy i was sleeping voice)
dim the lightss: and?
Tripp368: Colin: were u sleeping?
Tripp368: sara: no
Tripp368: Colin : yes u were
Tripp368: sara: ok i was
Tripp368: colin: thats what i thougt go back to bed
Tripp368: sara: ok
Tripp368: Colin: i love u
Tripp368: Sara: i loveu too col col
Tripp368: Sara: i want u so bad
Tripp368: Colin : go to bed sara
dim the lightss: shut up you liar
dim the lightss: HAHAHA
Tripp368: i made up the lats part

hahaha ok so maybe i should turn off my phone when i go to sleep, just incase i say something stupid next time... :D


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