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Nicole Sara Arielle Margaret and I stopped by Jenns. Jenn got money for one of her bags YAY! I think Svetas coming to LBI with us ::corssing fingers::! After we dropped off Margaret and went to Stop and Shop to get mac and cheese mmmm! Arielle Nicole and I went back to Saras. We ate, played the sims, watched TV botherd Anthony. Then we found out Jon was at Sues... that little fuck didnt call me to tell me he was in OB! We went to Sues to say hello to Jon and visit Sue.
Jon this is for you hahahah:

Sue, Arielle, Nicole and I went to pats and went in the pool. Peter(my cousin) is visiting from Mass. Arielle and I were trying to stan don the surf board in the pool, it was hard, but fun! THE POOL WASNT THAT COLD! Jenn came. We went inside to warm up. We listened to music then Sue left. Then we left. Jenn went home. Arielle Nicole and I went to Chris' so say hello. Tim and Tom were being mean to me... cause i dont IM them? ITS JAMES BIRTHDAY(16th) hes 19 YAY! so old! Then i came home and im here... writing this. And now going to bed. GOOD NIGHT!

ps- i love late night "i love you" and "i miss you" texts, their so cute <3<3

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