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Writer's Block: Independence Day [Sep. 16th, 2008|09:02 am]

In recognition of Mexican Independence Day, tell us how you celebrate your own independence.

usually at my cousins house.
or drunk somewhere.
this year i was wasted by 12pm.
ate a lot of food.
and played a lot of gta4.
yay america.

weekend. [Sep. 14th, 2008|01:13 pm]
yesterday i had work from 8-5.
then i came home and relaxed a little.
meghan and i went to dinner with her parents cousin aunt and uncle.
then we went to franks and hung out with like an hour.
and went home.
i passed out around 130.
it was great.

today i woke up not too long ago.
now im going to meet kristen at starbucks and discuss some business things.
then im gonna try to FORCE ali to come to the craft fair with me just to see what they have.
and maybe well walk.

tomorrow i have work.
and i dont think there is anything good on tv now that date my ex is over.
ali and i will walk im sure.
and hopefully ill get her present by tomorrow eeek.

tuesday i have off.
no idea what im gonna do all day.

wednesday i have work.
then im sure ali and i will walk and watch project runway.

thursday i have off.
and then tabathas salon take over.

friday i have work.
and the memorial for tony.

saturday i have work and then i have no idea.

what an exciting week.
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ugh [Sep. 13th, 2008|05:53 pm]



i may be the only person that finds these funny... [Sep. 12th, 2008|06:38 pm]


uh oh. [Sep. 11th, 2008|10:26 pm]
everyone once in a while i get bad anxiety.
but its where i cant sit still.
like little things bother me.
make my skin crawl.
like ill walk in my room and look around and if i dont clean i cant sleep.
or if theres something out of place i need to move it.
and im like that right now.
i cant even lay in bed and watch tv without running around.
on the other hand.
i did a lot today.
i sold my camera.
bought a new one.
i went to meghans volleyball game.
got yummy dinner.
walked with ali.
and now im watching my favorite show...
tabathas salon take over!! wooo!

hehe [Sep. 10th, 2008|10:34 pm]
this made me laugh.

eek. [Sep. 10th, 2008|10:25 pm]
this month seems like its flying by.
chaz and tess' wedding is soon.
im excited. nervous and excited.
i also should figure out what im gonna wear haha.
alis gonna be old soon.
shes just kinda old right now. :D
im going to buy a new camera tomorrow.
thats gonna be funn.
i cant wait to use it.
i need to cancel my insurance and send in my papers to switch to a new one.
thats gonna be loads of fun.
next friday we are doing our candle lit vigil for tony.
i like when everyone gets together since i dont get to see anyone anymore.

this post was pretty lame.
though i think only ali reads these... and she knows all of this already.
ohhhh well.
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today. [Sep. 9th, 2008|10:57 pm]
was pretty relaxing.
im going on thursday to sell my camera and buy a new one.
im excited.

nothing. [Sep. 9th, 2008|11:03 am]
[location |home]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |the honorary title]

i really dont have anything to write about.
i have off today.
i just cleaned my room woo.
i need to go sell my camera cause ebay SUCKS.
i told donovan i would take him to get his van(?).
i just had a pb&j on whole wheat bread and chocolate soy milk.
jo picked lucas on date my ex last night.
she shoulda picked chris.
i want there to be a dating show where the people actually stay together.
cause lucas and jo are not together anymore.
why waste my time with a freaking tv show?!

kinda pissed. [Sep. 4th, 2008|11:03 pm]
so a month or so ago my cousin wanted me to go with her to get her hair cut.
but for some weird reason the salon was closed.
so im watching tabatha's salon take over... and next week theyre doing images in OB.
im kinda pissedddd.
i <3 tabatha!

but not as much as ali <3s acid betty.
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miserable. [Sep. 2nd, 2008|12:07 am]
i dont know whats been up with me lately.
i've had terrible anxiety.
which is kinda weird cause im not going to school this semester so you would think i'd be less stressed out.
but nooo.
my stomach has been in knots.
my heart wont stop racing.
i was supposed to have off tomorrow but now im covering for someone.
so now im working tuesday-saturday.
awesome, cant wait to get bitched at cause im totally gonna be working over time now.
im miserable.
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personality. [Aug. 30th, 2008|06:34 pm]

My Personality
Openness to Experience
You often resist any cravings or urges that you have, but sometimes you give in, however you experience panic, confusion, and helplessness when under pressure or stress. You have a generally cheerful disposition. You prefer facts over fantasy and are more interested in what is happening in the real word. You do not like to claim that you are better than other people, and generally shy from talking yourself up, however you are not affected strongly by human suffering, priding yourself on making objective judgments based on reason. You are more concerned with truth and impartial justice than with mercy. Your sense of duty and obligation is average and although you are mostly responsible you can sometimes be unreliable.

Take a Personality Test now or view the full Personality Report.

Ugg Boots

um thats kinda true?

doot. [Aug. 30th, 2008|06:20 pm]
i havent posted in a day or two.
is she giving up already?
i've just been doing stuff.
last night was... interesting?
and now my stomach hurts a lot.
tonight im hanging out with court.
im exciteddd!

Writer's Block: Spirits [Aug. 28th, 2008|10:55 am]

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever encountered one?

yes and yes.
there is totally a ghost that lives in my house.
but hes cool.
and whenever i tell people that they always ask me what that means.
when i do see him or feel him in a room it isnt a bad feeling.
i never feel threatened by him or scared.
hes just there.
which i guess is kinda weird.
my guess is its the old guy who lived in my house before i did.
he died so his family sold the house.
he was a therapist.
i think he saw patients here too.
kinda weird too i guess hahaha.

great. [Aug. 27th, 2008|12:19 am]
i cant sleep.
thats completely sucky.
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