fake art.


I'm really not using this account much anymore,
I'll still update it sometimes with little things but I'm using my friends only journal now.

if you know me then add it:

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fake art.

it's a bug! a misquitto!

first grade.
second grade.
third grade.
fourth grade.
fifth grade.
sixth grade.
seventh grade.
eighth grade.
freshmen year.
sophomore year.
junior year.

senior year.

I'll drink to that.
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    panty raid.
fake art.

put the fun between your legs.

my hands are all grubby from working on my bike. The brakes are all fuckerd so I tried to replace them with the brakes from another bike to make one amazing franken-bike but that didn't work and in turn I only made a big mess.
but it was a fun mess, all over my yard.
it felt like summer and I was in the sun gettin my hands filthy and playing with tools and things.
I got nothing accomplished but I feel as though I built that entire bike with my bare hands.
meanwhile, I'm going to take it in tonight to get the original problem and whatever problems I caused in "fixing" those problems fixed.
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    gravy train!!!!

this weekend:

a collection of what I learned:
- danny is hot, and super super nice.
- I really really miss hanging out with Beka, but starting now, we're going to hang out a lot more often.
- hannah is baaaaaaad.
- I am expected to know when movies are sold out of theaters I never go to.
- cabs are far too expensive.

fun weekend.
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fake art.

coin operated boy.

I've decided to write a zine again.
this time I actually have an idea, plot and plausible outcome.

it's going to be about me but not about me. it's going to be a description of myself using two charecters who interact together. there will be illustrations (both drawings and photographs) and will be my best effort at a project in a long time.
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fake art.

it's a moon without a tide.

I finally cleaned my nasty ass room. now it's time for an emergency dance party, anyone down?
if you come; you must bring me a room-warming gift of a cute boy, new make up or a record to listen to.
I don't have to go to school tomorrow, it's pretty exciting.
I'm planning to visit San Francisco this summer to see if that's where I want to live and go to school. It finally dawned on me that this is my last real sumer break and my last full summer in Alaska. Let's make it fun, people.