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[06 Aug 2004|09:52pm]
my little sister and her friend just discovered that the sims can have sex.
they have this new game now.
its called relationship.
the goal of this game is to get your sim to have sex with as many other sims as possible.

i remember when i found out what sex was.
i think i was 8 or 9, and i was playing barbies with my friend mary.
we were listening to k-earth and that song about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and yadda yadda yadda came on.
mary turned to me...
m: do you know about the birds and the bees?
k: uh, cha. [yes, i said cha when i was 8/9, shut up.] anyway, thats where i rolled my eyes and thought to myself, god, how stupid do you have to be not to understand what a bird is and what a bee is and how they're different and all that stuff. obviously, i had no CLUE as to what "the birds and the bees" was.
k: yes...........no.
m: okokokokok i'll tell you!

and thus, mary proceeded to explain the entire process of sex to me, going through the motions with my barbie and ken dolls, whose own sex organs were as flat as a prepubescent girl's chest. with the exception of barbies bosoms, but they dont really come into play much during sex unless you count foreplay, and this education of mine focused more on the penis+vagina=sex deal. [those bosoms were the reason i stuffed my bra until i was 12. they were also the cause of my jealous phase (during which i wanted barbies breasts) and then my grief phase (during which i realized i was not destined to have such large breasts that i would fall over due to the top-heavy-ness).]

good old mary. we played barbie sex until she went home.
during dinner that night, my mom told my dad, in my presence, that she had discovered barbie and ken naked together in the barbie bed, their plastic limbs entwined. i was dreadfully embarassed and fled the table, seeking asylum in my room, where i threw barbie and ken under my bed, where they stayed until a week later, when mary came over again and we played more barbie sex and stuffed our shirts.

i miss barbies.
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[01 Aug 2004|09:51pm]
so this morning i woke up and thought for a minute it was wednesday or thursday, or at least that someone was going to come hang out with me. when i found out it was monday, i was really sad. so i went online. duh. instant happiness. started talking to alanna. we decide that today would be an excellent day to come over, and she does just that at around one. so she comes to my house and brings me the blazer for school. so after my mom gives her money for the blazer, i hit my mother up for money for a movie, because thats what we had made plans to do. ten minutes before she had been having a nervous breakdown about me being on the computer all the time and having no job and her always having to give me money. so...that was kind of akward but hey. anyway, so we go get some food at topanga, after calling maggie and kasey. both of you are stupid whores who need to answer your phones<3. anyway, we got some food and decided that we're both getting way too fat and that its disgusting. then we wandered around and decided to be cool and go into claires. psh. only because alanna wanted to. so we go in, i look at tiaras, and we decide to leave. we walk out, and this lady comes out after us and asks us to stop so we turn around and im like, yes? and heres what happened...

Lady:: you stole earrings.
Me:: um, no, i didnt. [because i didnt! double you tee eff?]
Lady:: i saw you take earrings, i need you to wait while i call mall security.
Me:: look, i didnt take any earrings, look in my bag, there arent any, i dont know what you're talking about.
Lady:: i cant search you. i need you to wait for mall security.
Me:: i didnt take any flipping earrings!!!! this is so stupid!
Lady:: ::says nothing. waits for mall security::
Alanna:: ::sees mall security:: Look, you get two. no wait, theres one more, three rent a cops!
First Rent a Cop:: whats the problem here?
Lady:: come here, i need to explain inside. ::goes inside with rent a cop::
Me:: what the hell, i dont have anything?
Second and Third Rent a Cop:: ::stand there. say nothing::
Me:: look, she thinks i took some freaking earrings, i dont have any cause i didnt take them! i'll show you. ::empties purse:: i have my money, my sunglasses, a penny, my cell phone, and sand. theres nothing in my pockets, and i dont have any earrings in my damn rolls! ::unrolls rolled up pants::
First Rent a Cop:: ::walks out with weird leather cuff things:: so you didnt take anything?
First Rent a Cop:: ::goes back in store::
Me:: this is so lame, we shouldnt have to be here anymore.
Second Rent a Cop:: yea. you guys can go.

so we did. not only that, but i went and complained at customer service because of that flipping bitch and her attitude. she didnt even ASK if i had earrings she just told me i had them. but i didnt. what the flip. so i complained and told the lady there about how the claires lady had made us late for our movie and the lady at customer service said it was terrible and that she would do what she could and then she gave us starbucks cards and told us to go enjoy some starbucks on them. so we did. then we saw kelsey and her sister and talked about people and random clubs and the aquabats and stuff.

after a while of wandering around and seeing those dang security guards, alanna and i left. we drove over to michaels and got some stencils and tried to find iron on letters, but we couldnt find them. so then we went to target and got shirts and paint markers and she pushed me in the cart the entire time.
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[25 Jul 2004|09:48pm]
last night i went and saw donnie darko with corinne and her friends chantal and nicola.
after that we went to jerrys, where we were GOING to get a pizza.
but lo and behold, the pizza man had gone home only ten minutes prior to our arrival [or so says the waiter. he didnt like us. psh]
i got soup.
my sister got fried zuchini.
chantal got snickers cake.
nicola got a hot dog that looked like a penis.
then corinne and i came home.
and we were going to show nicola and chantal corinne's hamster.
see, corinne, she has this hamster.
named lola.
the people at the store she bought lola at told her that lola is a girl.
but the other day we were laughing at how silly lola is.
because lola is hyper and climbs up on the sides of the cage.
and we noticed.
lola...isnt a girl.
and we arent sure how to explain this to our family.
so our family keeps saying "her" or "she" in reference to the hamster.
i just say lola.
anyway, we came home and i brushed my teeth and went to sleep, cause i had gotten up mondo early yesterday morning.
then i got up somewhat early this morning, only like, 20 minutes earlier than i was planning on waking up.
its nice waking up because someone text messages you, and not because your alarm goes off or your cat sticks her claws in your arm as she jumps from your bed to the window sill.
today was fun.
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New residence [20 Jul 2004|09:22pm]
So, I decided to delete my deadjournal and pack up and move over here. Starting fresh! I hope to write in this one as much as my old one. soo..anyhow..

i have to pack a backpack of stuff for the ride up to my cousin's house in tracy tomorrow. my duffle bag is so packed, its amazing. i have a body pillow and a comforter shoved in there, along with all my clothes. im gonna have the cushiest tent-room in the world. amazing.

im really looking forward to this vacation and such, cause its always mondo fun. but im sad because im going to miss everybody a lotttttttttttt. ermph. =[

if i know your address, maybe i'll write you a letter.
if i dont know your address and you want a random letter from me to you, im me [FilleDansLeVerre] and give it to me and i'll write you a letter or draw you a pictarr.

[i'll most likely post again around 12 am because i have no life. so this isnt goodbye yet.]
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